Friends of Local Green Spaces

The Aim:

To create a ‘Friends Group’ for each Local Green Space that was designated in the Seaford Neighbourhood Plan. Group members would be able to improve and care for such green areas to improve their ecology and to make sure they remain welcoming areas for all to visit and play on.

How it’s tackled:

A survey using social media asked for what local people wanted, and leaflet versions were delivered to homes near the areas and to Seaford Head School. Results showed that 66% those who answered wanted improvements but not major change. Planting of trees, bushes and rewilding were all supported; more dog and general litter bins, and information boards were also suggested. Interestingly both young and older respondents wanted similar things for the spaces.

Working with Martello Rotarians, we have created six ‘Friends of ‘ Local Green Spaces groups, that vary in size and development. It’s expected that in the next 12 months that they will become an important source of ideas to enrich these much loved recreation spaces in the town.

Discussions are underway with Seaford Town Council to create a management agreement that will help establish the Friends of  Normansal, The Ridings and Princess Drive green Spaces. This will be followed by discussions with the same objective for three Lewes District Council owned sites, namely Chalvington Fields, The Last Wood & Meadows, and Foster Close.  If you live near any of these sites and want to be involved, please contact Seaford Community Partnership – click here.


How you can help:

Make contact with Martello Rotary for details of the Group you’re interested in. Work could include gardening, planting, maintenance, construction… you name it!  Or click here to send your details in so we can contact you with your Group.