Seaford Cycling Study and Map

The vision:

In 2016 transport became the largest emitting sector of Green House Gases in the UK. This follows large decreases in energy emissions while transport emissions have remained relatively static. That’s 28% of our total emissions. By far the largest emitter (56%) are private cars and taxis. 60% of 1-2 mile journeys are made by motor vehicle and fewer than 2% of all journeys nationally are made by bike.

Seaford is bounded by beautiful countryside which is at most 1.5 miles from the town centre, a distance easily cyclable by many people. The increase in popularity of e-bikes also helps with the problem of Seaford’s hills and strong sea breezes, making it easier than ever before to cycle.

Using the combined knowledge of cyclists, local residents and professional active travel experts we aim to establish the current best roads for cyclists to use. This project will focus on less experienced and young cyclists. We will make use of existing quieter roads and bridal paths to encourage people to feel confident to cycle more.  We will then link these routes into the surrounding South Downs National Park.

Agreement has been reached with South Downs National Park to allow Seaford Community Partnership to use Seaford CARES development  funds for a study into how to improve cycling in Seaford. The objective is to allow more people to make greener choices about how they travel round the town and the surrounding area. Transport Initiatives (a specialist transport planning consultancy) are carrying out a review of existing and potential cycle routes. This will outline how improvements could be made if funding becomes available as previous reports have identified that Seaford is poorly provided for.

They will also investigate the feasibility of cycle parking at key locations if it is required. Currently there are very few cycle racks in Seaford which can be off-putting, especially if you own an e-bike.

The Seaford Better Cycling Options Study is being undertaken, and now local views are being sought from Stakeholders and interested residents.

Please take a moment to look at the survey.

There is also a meeting to introduce the proposals and have your say. It’s at Seaford Baptist Church in Belgrave Road, Tuesday 12 April 2022, from 7.00 – 9.00pm.

How it’s tackled:

A specialist consultant is nearing completion of a detailed study (the Better Cycling Options Study) of potential routes, that can be enhanced over a number of years to make it easier and safer to cycle in Seaford, hence encouraging drivers to leave their cars at home. They are looking at a  number of high priority enhancement projects (for cycle tracks, cycle lanes, road junctions,  cycle parking)  which potentially can be included in bids by ESCC for funding. Next year we will build on our Seaford Better Cycling Options study work with some targeted events to encourage cycling locally  We will be working closely with National Park colleagues, and  drawing on the experience of other towns where changes have resulted in more walking and cycling within and to town centres.

What you can do:

Identify your favourite or most frequent cycle routes and record and Record them on our questionnaire – here.

If you wish to raise any other issues about cycling and your own experiences, Please click here.

Take the survey (as above) – Click here