The Seaford CARES project

Now called "Seaford Climate Action"

THE PLANET – and being kinder to it – it’s on everyone’s mind. But what can one person do? On their own? A daunting question.

The original vision still holds good…

C limate
A ction;
R esilient
E cosystems;
S ustainability.

Locally, a many organisations have been scheming. How do we make LOCAL changes? What can we do LOCALLY? Will our efforts persuade others that they should do the same? LOCALLY, one person really can make a difference.

The scheme is to create a green corridor all the way from the South Downs National Park to our east and north, all the way through the Tide Mills area to the Ouse Valley Nature Reserve in the West. It needs landowners to join in. It needs Seaford’s green spaces to be cared for by groups. It needs people to help “green” specific areas. It needs people to care for hedges, trees, small spaces. It needs persuasion and encouragement by people of other people to leave their car, and to cycle or walk.

With thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, community climate action across Lewes, Newhaven, Peacehaven, and Seaford is getting a big boost. £2M has been awarded to the Ouse Valley Climate Action partnership to tackle the climate emergency.
This means vital funding for many of our local schemes.

Wonderful news for Seaford!

Communities in the Ouse Valley are celebrating after being awarded more than £2m from the National Lottery to help make the region a national pioneer in tackling the climate change emergency. This successful bid called Ouse Valley Climate Action has been promoted by South Downs National Park Authority and is all about bringing communities and people together with this common aim.

As an important part of the bid, Seaford projects will receive £225K for volunteers to progress community climate change projects.

Seaford Community Partnership is one of 10 partners in the bid and since the early days when we were invited to take part, we have aimed to bring together well established groups and new projects to become Seaford’s contribution – all working together to tackle climate change: to plant trees, to increase biodiversity by providing food for bees and butterflies, birds and small mammals; to raise awareness and educate us all in what we as individuals can do to lead more sustainable life styles.

And it was a winning combination!

Each of the five projects described here under Seaford CARES will receive funding to catalyse their efforts and enable them to go forward. 

Besides funding, all our projects need VOLUNTEERS and COMMUNITY SUPPORT. Each of the projects will be moving forward at a different pace and will welcome your involvement.  Please consider what you can do to volunteer, support, sponsor, talk about and be part of Seaford’s enthusiastic, hardworking and committed community working for the Planet, for Biodiversity and to promote sustainable lifestyles.  Our individual contributions make a difference.

Are you interested in planting trees, caring for a local green space, creating an educational Climate Change garden, working to promote cycling and walking, offering your skills to help with any of these projects? Or just wanting to be involved! If so, watch out for updates of projects, requests for help and dates of public meetings.

You can find out more about our projects, and others on the new Renaturing Seaford website which is run by volunteers and funded by Ouse Valley Climate Action

And for more details see the individual pages below (or as one of the sub-menus), and:
The National Park’s announcement
Trees for Seaford
Seaford Environmental Alliance

Seaford CARES

The CARES Project Vision is for “An engaged, knowledgeable Community, where residents and decision-makers understand the threats posed by the climate and ecological emergency and are actively collaborating to reduce their carbon footprint and build personal and ecological resilience”.

It can all be done, if people volunteer; if YOU volunteer. This shows what you can do – what one person can do – and how you can do it.

Seven projects are going to create the Vision –